Chess School – Online Chess Lessons For Beginners At IchessU

IchessU is the only online chess school where beginners can take fully interactive live chess courses. The chess lessons are given by real teachers, all experienced chess coaches. The chess coaches teach chess in a classroom setting, using the learning platform developed to satisfy your needs and make you feel welcome in our community.

The chess courses are based on proven curriculum by special teaching methods, derived from 40 years of research on chess education. Just like in a real classroom, we give homework, answer questions, and leave time for practice and working with classmates. At our online chess school, through interactive chess lessons, you will learn chess strategies, that will help you become a better chess player. We, as a chess community will help your game evolve, we will help you learn to play chess as you always wanted to play. Our faculty is dedicated to offering the best chess coaching for chess beginners. We provide this online instruction to assist beginners. If you are a chess beginner then we recommend you check out our chess lessons for beginners. The only requirement is a computer, and a willingness to learn chess.  

Take a chess quiz and meet our experienced chess coaches online for a free chess level evaluation Ready to get setup for your first online chess lesson?